Croquet South East is an association of croquet clubs in London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex. (We used to be known as the South East Croquet Federation.) We are independent of but affiliated to the national governing body, Croquet England.

We formed in 1987 and are run by a Committee elected annually.
You can see much of our past on our History pages.

Our aims are to promote Croquet in all its forms in South East England and to develop facilities for playing the game. To achieve these we:

  • Give assistance to the development of new and existing clubs
  • Provide coaching support to affiliated clubs and their members
  • Organise competitive leagues and tournaments

The cost of affiliation for a club is just £15 per annum.

To join or enter one of our Leagues or Tournaments fill in our

For further information about who can help you see our Committee page.

For other news about Croquet in South East England visit our  or .

Croquet is played on a large flat grass lawn, with 2 or 4 players and mallets, 4 balls and 6 hoops.
There are two main versions: one is like snooker on grass; the other is a more aggressive game and can be learnt at a basic level in 10 minutes.
Here’s an intro to croquet from Croquet EnglandIf you haven’t played before then most of our clubs have Open Days in the Summer at which you’ll be welcomed.

Most clubs welcome individuals at other times and run Introduction to Croquet Courses as does the Croquet Academy.

Membership of most clubs is fairly inexpensive and you don’t need your own equipment, just wear some trainers or similar footwear.
KMTV produced the video below after a visit to Tunbridge Wells in 2017 
Visit Croquet England’s website for more information about playing Croquet.