What we offer clubs

As part of our role in developing croquet in the South East we are here to assist in the creation of new clubs and the development of existing ones in our area. Our Development Officer is appointed to assist the setting up of new clubs and support efforts of existing clubs to improve their facilities and membership.

For new or prospective clubs our Development Officer can

  • provide advice on setup and organisation structure and sources of financial grants and loans
  • make site visits to locations for proposed new clubs
  • ascertain the availability of loan or start-up equipment, either from within the Federation or the Croquet Association
  • organise on-site coaching

For all clubs we

  • include you on our map of all local clubs and on our clubs list, with appropriate contact details
  • provide a page for you to display your details (and pictures) if you don’t have a website
  • include your tournaments in our Events Diary
  • circulate suitable information you wish to send out to other clubs (via our Secretary)
  • can provide advice and assistance with lawns
  • can provide advice and assistance with projects, funding sources and with grant applications
  • advise on and process applications for loans and grants to the Croquet Association
  • provide Federation grants of up to £500 for projects which enhance playing areas or facilities, such as the erection of pavilions and storage huts. Generally if a club gets a grant from the CA then we will provide a smaller one too.
    Note however that neither organisation give grants for the rectification of past lack of maintenance such as uneven courts.
  • provide coaching advice and also coaches (usually via the Croquet Academy based at Southwick). Charges normally apply for courses.
  • offer a discount of at least £15 per person on Coaching and Refereeing Qualification Courses (some restrictions apply). This is in addition to the Croquet Association discount offer (£25 in 2019)
  • encourage you to participate in our (experimental) mailing list which allows you to share gripes and experiences etc with other local clubs

The Development Officer also processes applications for the Croquet Association’s Townsend, Apps Heley and Millennium Awards.

We also encourage inter-club play for both Golf Croquet and Association Croquet by

  • Running inter-club team leagues
  • Running club team tournaments