Club Details Update

We are happy to list non-member clubs who play croquet in our area.

Please note that almost all fields are optional and if your club is listed on our website then you only need to enter the changes you wish to make.

This information is used solely for the display of your club details on our website and occasional contacts about the SECF. It is not used for any other purpose. Contact information for our leagues and official SECF representatives is handled separately.

Please check the details in our Clubs list before submitting updates. If you need to change the address/phone/website/number of lawns please put these in the Comments.

Club - required

Secretary/Contact - required for a new club

Club Handicappers (for Handicappers List)

Submitter's Contact Information - required in case we need to contact you about this


After you press the Submit button the information will be sent to us by email.