Previous General Meeting Minutes can be seen here.

This page provides some information about the 2021 AGM, which is being held via Zoom on 7th November.

The official notice of the meeting will be sent out 28 days prior to the meeting to members clubs. Nominations for the Committee need to be received by the Secretary no later than 7 days prior to the meeting.

Other motions for the meeting need to be with the Secretary 14 days before the meeting. The agenda, together with any motions and associated papers, will be sent out at least 7 days prior to the meeting.

There will at least be some motions related to changing the League Rules. The rationale will be sent out with the agenda:

  • Tie-breaking (from the League Secretary)
    Replace the paragraph starting “The league winners will be” with “The league winner will be the team with the most league points. If two teams only are tied and have played each other then the winner shall be the winner of that match; otherwise the tied teams shall be placed in order of percentage games won; if more than two teams are tied, these two stages may be repeated until a winner is found. If there remains a tie then play-offs among the tied teams will be held before April of next year.”
  • B-League (from Royal Tunbridge Wells Croquet Club)
    Replace the rules with “Each match consists of 3 players and each match consists of 3 rounds, each being one singles and one doubles. League teams will be listed in ascending handicap order A to C versus a to c. In the first round A will play singles against a, in the second round B will play singles against b and in the third round C will play singles against c.
    All games shall be played with full bisques to a base of 6; Appendix 3 of the Laws of Association Croquet shall apply.
    All games are played handicap, with a time limit of 80 minutes. If a lawn is less than 2/3 size normal handicap differences are reduced by a factor of 2/3.
    Each player’s handicap must be at least 10 when the fixture is arranged.”
  • U-League (from Ealing Croquet Club)
    Replace the sentence “All games are played handicap” with “All games are played on a “full bisque handicap” basis, with a base handicap of 10; Appendix 3 of the Laws of Association Croquet shall apply.

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