Our History

Our Federation was founded in 1987, with an initial subscription of £5 per annum. Initial members were Caterham, Compton, Crawley, Dulwich, Guildford and Godalming, Harrow Oak, Preston Park, Ramsgate, Reigate Priory, Roehampton, Surbiton, Sussex County (Southwick), Tunbridge Wells, Wellcome Beckenham, Wellcome-Dartford, Woking and Worthing.

It is our intention to build up a history of the Federation for presentation on our web site and our first offerings are the minutes of the first two General Meeting. As you will see most of the ‘founding fathers’ are still very active on the croquet scene. As more historical documents are obtained these will be added to the history pages. However if any of you have any reports on very early tournaments or similar which you feel may be of interest to others, please let me have a copy for the web site.

For some Early History see here.

Bill Arliss

We’ve had a tradition of producing Federation Newsletters for a long time. Many of these consisted exclusively of results and AGM/Committee information, which we’ve provided on our website in a different form. So only the other ones, normally in November or December, have been uploaded  to our News page.

You’ll see much more detail about our Tournaments and Leagues in other pages.