Annual Registration

Please use this form to register after 1st February. League entries (max 2 per club per league) close on 31st March. Please submit all your tournament entries as soon as possible, but entries will still be open until two weeks before each event, so that if there are still places available you will be considered.

If the same person is responsible for all AC or GC Leagues or Tournaments you only need to enter their details once.
If you are entering multiple teams for the same event/league with different captains please enter all names/phones/email separated by a plus sign(+).

PLEASE NOTE: the club personnel details displayed on the Member Clubs page are NOT the same as the Registration details here (used for our internal communications). If you need to change the ones on the Member Clubs page please use this .

Club - required You only need to fill in Handicapper details if they have changed:
Association Croquet Leagues - £3 per entry
Golf Croquet Leagues - £3 per entry
Submitter's Contact Information - in case we need to contact you about this

Click on the button above to confirm that personal information  you have provided is with the individual's consent.

PAYMENT Total being paid (don't forget to add £15 for your Federation club affiliation fee)

After you press the Submit button the information will be sent to us by email. A copy will also be sent to email address you’ve provided.

Don’t forget your entry is not confirmed until your payment is received, preferably electronically. Our account details are unchanged from last year and you should have received them from our Secretary in January, but if you don’t have them please contact our Treasurer.

If you realise you’ve made a mistake after submitting this form please re-submit it, telling us in the Comments what the changes are, or send your corrections to