Croquet Academy

Swing Trainer in action

The South East Croquet Federation created the Croquet Academy at the Sussex County Croquet Club in Southwick in 2007 to provide a range of courses by qualified coaches for all levels of skill.

The Croquet Academy is in full action. We’ve planned a range of courses to suit players of all abilities, all aimed at helping to make you a better player.

Winter Coaching Programme 2023/2024

The Croquet Academy are pleased to announce their latest Winter Coaching Programme on their world quality lawns at Southwick. Players wishing to book any of the courses can do so via the course entry page on the Croquet Academy website

The GC Programme features 2 x 1 day Workshops aimed at helping all participants improve their game. The workshops are suitable for players of all levels and can include video analysis, a swing trainer experience as well as a one to one clinic. To book on either date visit the Croquet Academy Website.

Dates: 4th October 2023
13th March 2024

Cost: £40 for a full day course

A Modular Short Croquet Course for Beginners – This will be our third year running this successful course which introduces participants to Association Croquet playing on half sized lawns. The modular format has proven to be highly successful as it allows the participants to learn this exciting variant of croquet in bite sized pieces. The course cost covers all four modules.

Dates: 14th & 20th October 2023
22nd Feb & 1st March 2024

Cost: £50 for the 4 modules plus. (This equates to £12.50 per 4 hour module)

A Modular Association Croquet Improvers Course – This course takes participants with a limited experience in Association Croquet and aims to develop their skills to enable them to enter high bisque tournaments. It is suitable for any AC player with a handicap of 18 or more and people who have attended the Short Croquet Course. This modular course spread over 4 sessions is conducted on full size lawns. The course cost covers all four one day modules.

Dates: 6th & 25th October 2023
14th Feb & 13th March 2024

Cost: £50 for the 4 modules. (this equates to £12.50 per 4 hour module)

2024 Programme launched

The 2024 Croquet Academy programme will be run at 2 clubs to help reduce participants travel costs.

Highlights of the 2024 programme include:

  • A comprehensive Coaches Training & Qualification Course for both AC & GC players developed by Paul Francis. For full details go to the Academy website
  • A one day GC Masterclass by Jonathan Powe. Jonathan is an established International GC & AC player. Following his very well received course in 2020 we have invited him back to give others the opportunity to benefit his excellent Masterclass.
  • A new course for 2024 is a one day programme targeted at GC players with little or no knowledge of the AC game. There are specific techniques in the AC game which can benefit the GC player, this course will demonstrate these techniques and provide practice routines to develop these skills. Who knows the participants may even get a taste to play AC!
  • Learning Short Croquet has proven itself to be an effective way for people to start playing the AC game. This year we will be running a 4 part modular course starting in October 2024 for Beginners & Improvers. In addition in the Spring we will run a new course designed to take Short Croquet players onto full sized lawns and develop their AC skills.
  • Our GC Workshops are becoming increasingly popular. On these courses participants will be able to develop their individual skills and gain improvements to their game through video analysis, one to one coaching sessions and development of practice routines.

In addition to the £25 Croquet England subsidy available to CQC applicants the SECF offer a similar sum to their members – making the cost to a SECF member £15. Subsidies will be claimed back on completion of the course.

Hub club coaching

The Academy have set up a new hub at Tunbridge Wells where Academy Coaches will come to the hub to lead the courses. The purpose is to reduce participants travel by offering some of the more popular courses. These Federation courses will be in addition to the comprehensive programme at Southwick.

For further information on all courses, please contact The Croquet Academy Secretary, Chrissie Merrington –

Richard Carline
The Croquet Academy Director