Croquet Academy

The South East Croquet Federation created the Croquet Academy at the Sussex County Croquet Club, in Southwick, to provide a range of courses by qualified coaches for all levels of skill.

The Croquet Academy launches its 2021 Programme

The Croquet Academy has launched its programme of 19 courses aimed at AC and GC players, from complete beginners to advanced.

New for 2021, we offer:

  • Cliff’s zoom webinars on the new AC Laws update, with a return
    visit later in the season for his very popular two day course for AC
    Improvers, which is accompanied by his excellent course manuals.
  • A GC Workshop’ including a Swing Trainer and Video Analysis to learn where to improve.
  • ‘It’s not about the mallet’ with former World Champion Stephen
    Mulliner, whether GC or AC, learn how to get that winning mentality.
  • Tim King will run a ‘GC Master Class’ for aspiring A and B-Level tournament players.
  • Short Croquet – AC for beginners – it’s one of the easiest way to learn the game.
  • An opportunity to attend a course by Stephen Custance-Baker, author of ‘Every Shot Is Tactical’.
  • Everything from complete beginners to advanced in both GC and AC.

For further information on all courses, please contact The Croquet Academy Secretary, Chrissie Merrington –

Please see our 2021 programme


We at The Croquet Academy are aware of the restrictions that the
Coronavirus Pandemic has placed on our sport and in particular to

Some Clubs had very limited Coaching in 2020; this may have been due to
Coaches having to shield either themselves or others, perhaps the Club
had to lockdown!

The knock on effect is that players have been starved of valuable time with Coaches!

The sport has attracted a good number of ‘Newbies’ and they have been
fast tracked into playing a game that needs good advice along the way.
Newcomers are only able to learn the game from those they play with and
also be introduced to ‘rules’ that are passed on to them by their
colleagues and peers!

A Refresher or ‘Newbies’ Course at your Club can be arranged as part of
our 2021 Croquet Academy Programme. For more details please contact The
Croquet Academy Secretary, Chrissie Merrington –

Richard Carline
Croquet Academy Director