League Results Submission

Detailed Results

You don’t need to report the detailed results of any match, but we have some forms (courtesy of Andrew Fall at Compton and John Low) which may help you organise matches and capture these details during a match (GC only):

Responsibility for reporting results

With the exception of walk-overs (see below), it is the responsibility of the home club to report summary match results (wins for each team and match date).

It is our intention that our web site should reflect the progress of our leagues throughout the season and thus results should be reported as soon as the match is complete.  Please report results using . This automatically generates an email to both the League Organiser and Webmaster.

You need to select the match for your results from the appropriate pull-down, which shows only the allocated league matches in the chosen league, fill in the fields for the scores, make sure you enter your name (in case we need to query the result) and then press the Send in result button.

Incorrect Results

If you have submitted an incorrect result please resubmit the form, but add “Corrected Result” after your name, otherwise we get confused.

Clubs Playing All Games Away

Clubs which cannot host games on their own lawn may have matches which are notional home games.  They are responsible for reporting the results of these notional home matches.


If you are unable to arrange your match before the end of the season, please enter WO in the score box for the team that is to be given credit for the match in the reporting system. The opponent’s team score can be left blank, as can the date field.

The side giving the walk over should report the decision and you should add your club name after the reporters name to ensure there are no arguments about the walk over.

Problems with the entry page?

If you have problems with the Results Entry page you can email to
results@southeastcroquet.org.uk, but please ensure it is worded in the following manner:

Subject: SECF League Result Body of Email : GC
R League, Surbiton 4, Sussex County 3, 21st July

Please always give the home team score first and ONLY one result per email to make it easier for the League Organiser and Webmaster.


Detailed Results submission to the Ranking Systems

All AC Advanced and GC level-play league games are eligible for the World Croquet Federation Ranking Systems (also used by the Croquet Association) and should be submitted to the CA ranking officers as soon as possible after the matches. It is important that our matches are reported as this influences the grade of each player, upon which their access to other tournaments may depend. Forms and full instructions will be provided in digital form to each league contact with the fixtures package and they should pass on the materials to the team captain or whoever is responsible for reporting the match results.

The reporting of games for ranking are the responsibility of the clubs involved and the Federation will NOT forward your results to the ranking system. If you find your games are not reported please contact the responsible club in the first instance.

Unfortunately the AC and GC Ranking Officers require different formats, although both are sent by email to the same address: results@croquet.org.uk. Full details about the process and format are available on the CA site. As of 2022 the formats are:

Golf Croquet
GC results are sent in as an attachment spreadsheet following the example below (download example):

SECF Match XX (home) Club v YY (away) Club
3-5 October 2020
9 games

Game number WINNER SURNAME Winner forename “beat” LOSER SURNAME Loser forename Winner points Loser points
1 BLOGGS Fred beat DOE John 7 6
2 SMITH Bruce beat BROWN Peter 7 1
3 SMITH Bruce beat DOE John 7 4
4 BLOGGS Fred beat BROWN Peter 7 4
5 DOE John beat BROWN Peter 7 4
6 BLOGGS Fred beat SMITH Bruce 7 6

Match winner: club name

Association Croquet
AC results should be in the body of the email (not as an attachment) using the following template provided by Chris Williams the AC Ranking Officer:
The best format for supplying results is shown below (bold bits). If results are sent in this way then they can be parsed and read into the system automatically, ie Chris doesn’t have to type them in again.

Event SECF Woking v Surbiton (ie, club name v club name)
Date 28.7.20
Winner Woking
(ie, club name)
Type single
Order firstname

Games 7
1 Fred Bloggs beat John Doe +26
2 Bruce Smith beat Percy Picacity +7
3 John Smith beat Jock McTavish +10
4 Fred Bloggs beat Bruce Smith +4
5 John Doe beat John Smith +17tp
6 Fred Bloggs beat Jock McTavish +3
7 Percy Picacity beat Jock McTavish +26tp