Events & Diary

We have many club tournaments and events in our region. Details of locally organised tournaments and events can be seen via our Diary page and are usually open to all members of our clubs. Some of these in the Croquet Association Fixture Calendar have different entry rules. We also have a very active competitive programme of team tournaments (below), in addition to our own leagues.

Use our at the beginning of the year to enter our events as well as register. Any subsequent changes or additions should be sent directly to the Manager.

Reports of winners and previous tournaments can be seen via our Historic Tournament Results page.

Current dates and locations for the events below can be seen on our Diary page.

Event Type Details

Association Teams

AC Handicap
Teams of four, Doubles
Teams of two pairs play three rounds on Saturday and two on Sunday.
This is a straight Swiss competition with each pair treated as individual entries, but the two pairs in a team will never play one another. The winners will be the team with most cumulative wins. In the event of a tie, net points will be considered. Games on Saturday are limited to 2 3/4 hours with hoops reduced for the higher handicap teams. Time limits are 3 1/2 hours on Sunday with all games 26 points.
Manager: John Low

One Ball Teams

One Ball
Teams of three,
Singles One Ball Handicap AC games played to conventional One Ball rules. The final format depends on the number of actual entries.
Each club enters a maximum of two teams of three players. Time limits are 45 minutes for each round, with the first round starting at 10am and a minimum of 7 rounds.
Manager: Dave Buckman
This event is held at Canterbury

Short Croquet Teams

Short Croquet
Teams of four, Singles
Four rounds of singles/doubles played on half-lawns, with format as laid out in Appendix 6 of the AC Laws (14-point games, full bisque, with mandatory peels for low handicappers). Time limits of 75 minutes per game. Teams of four players; if under-subscribed a team of 3 can be considered.

Managers: Tony Elliott, Simon Tuke
This event is held at Ealing

Ladies Association Croquet Teams Day

AC Handicap
Teams of two or three,
Singles and Doubles
Teams of 2 or 3 welcomed, any handicap, preferably from one club, but joint entries welcome! Singles and doubles.
There are three rounds – the 1st and 3rd rounds are singles and the 2nd doubles. All games are 14 points and timed. Play starts at 10am.
Points are awarded for wins, draws, peg-outs and peels!
Any changes will be at the manager’s discretion.
Manager: Frances Low

Southern Challenge Teams

GC Level Play
Teams of four, Singles and
Divided into two Divisions – with Division 2 split into a North and South. All three are run to essentially the same format, with minor differences because of the different number of teams in each.

Teams of four players, normally in an all-play-all arrangement plus additional play-offs dependent on overall numbers.
Each match comprises one doubles and two singles level play games.
All players play an approximately equal number of singles and doubles games.

Managers Div 1: John Low
Managers Div 2 North: Martin Burger Event held at Surbiton
Managers Div 2 South: Roger Sutton & Andrew Stewart

GC Advantage Competition

GC Handicap
played using the GC Advantage System
A new, trial competition for 2022!

The maximum handicap for entry is 12. Results will NOT count on your handicap card as this format has not yet been authorised for general use.

This is an individual entry competition, not a team competition. The entry will be limited to 16 contestants, plus 3 reserves. Please enter by contacting the Organiser Robyn Clark by email on robyn.clark AT

Lunch of a Ham/ cheese Ploughman’s with salad and dessert and all day drinks for £7.50 or just drinks and cake for £2.50. Please order at the same time.

The event is held at Littlehampton on 23 August 2022

Manager: Robyn Clark

Ladies Golf Croquet Teams Day

GC Handicap
Teams of four,
Singles and Doubles
The maximum handicap for entry is 12. Singles results count on your handicap card.

Teams of 4 players for each round. There will be 6 rounds with each round being one match between 2 teams. Each round will consist of 2 singlesone of which will be level play, and the other handicap – and a handicap doubles. All games are 13 points -1st to run 7 hoops, and there will be time limits as there will be a tight schedule! With the normal SECF substitution policy, a team may field up to 8 players with the captain selecting the 4 for each round. The winner will be the team with the most match wins. Failing that it will be counted on games won and then AMD.

Managers: Frances Low and Linda Gavigan

Golf Croquet Teams Day

GC Handicap
Teams of four,
Singles and Doubles
“Bill’s Big Bash”

The tournament as introduced by Bill Arliss and managed by him until the previous year. All the bells and whistles, including the foghorn!

Four rounds of doubles in the morning and six rounds of singles in the afternoon.
Due to the large number of rounds to complete all games will be started and stopped on the Manager’s hooter.
Schedules are arranged so that each player has normally one game on and one game off.
Managers: John Low and AN Other