2014 Tournament Reports

On 18 May the Association Croquet Team Doubles Tournament (for club teams of 4) was won by Ramsgate, with Sussex County 1 as runners up.

The 25th annual Ladies’ Day was held at Southwick on 2nd July. Winners of the Shield were Woking. Political correctness forbids your correspondent from giving the team their full title of Woking Wenches.

On 6 July the third annual Southern Challenge was completed. The winners of Division One (at Southwick) were, as usual, Dulwich. The dynamic, Inter-Club Trophy Holders from south London fielded two different teams on the different days (Pierre Beaudry; Simon Carter; Sue Lightbody and Peter Haydon on Saturday and Andrew Dymond; Guy Scurfield; Mark Daley and John Reddish on Sunday). The contest was sustained to the last match and Sussex County were the runners up (also as usual). Winners of Division Two (at Surbiton) were Caterham with Reigate Priory runners up. Caterham will probably be promoted to Division One for 2015 to replace relegated Littlehampton – but who can tell? The manager’s discretion will be deployed.

The winners of the Golf Croquet Team Competitions held at Southwick on 5 August were Cheam (Doubles) and Sussex County 2 (Singles). The former deserve particular congratulations since they are, unlike the latter, a newly-formed Club.