Other Events

This page shows non-Championship tournaments organised by our clubs which are included the 2021 Croquet Association Fixtures Book. In addition to being open to the organising club’s members, these tournaments are generally open to all CA individual members.

Full and accurate details are shown in the online CA fixtures calendar

Date AC/GC Type Handicap Range Limitations Event Location
2-3 April AC Handicap Easter Handicap – Llewellyn Williams Urn Surbiton
4-5 April AC Advanced Easter Open – Robert Prichard Trophy Surbiton
10-11 April AC Advanced 2 and below Polhill Claret Jug Ealing
17-18 April AC Advanced 7 and below Southwick Salver Southwick
22-23 April AC Advanced 0 and over Lewis Cup Woking
24-25 April AC Advanced Handicap 24 and below Centenary Rose Bowl Woking
30 April GC Level 2 and below Southwick
1-2 May GC Level Surbiton Open Surbiton
1 May GC Level 3 and above Southwick
2 May GC Level 7 and above Southwick
1-3 May AC Advanced 12 and below AC May Weekend Hurlingham
8-9 May AC Advanced Guildford & Godalming Open Challenge Cup Guildford
17-18 May AC Advanced 1 – 8 Maurice Reckitt Rose Bowl Southwick
22-23 May AC Advanced 0 – 8 Weekend B-level Surbiton
27 May GC Level 3 and above Roehampton
29-30 May GC Level Ramsgate Championship Ramsgate
5 June GC Handicap Doubles 7 and above Guildford
10 June GC Level 7 and above Roehampton
12-13 June GC Level Ramsgate Championship Ramsgate
11-13 June AC Advanced Midsummer Open Woking
12-13 June AC Handicap Summer Handicap Surbiton
14 June GC Southwick
14-15 June GC GC Level Woking
16 June GC Level 3 and above Woking
16 June GC Level 7 and above Ealing
17 June GC Level 3 and above Ealing
17 June GC Level 7 and above Woking
18 June AC 14-point Advanced Woking
19 June GC Handicap PJ’s Pot Guildford
19-20 June GC Level 0 and above Woking
19-20 June AC Advanced or Handicap 20 and below Summer Tournament Compton
22-27 June GC Level Southwick
26 June GC Level 7 and above Guildford
26-27 June AC Advanced B-level Roehampton
2-4 July AC Advanced 0 and above Ramsgate
3-5 July AC Advanced Doubles CA Championship Surbiton
6-11 July AC Advanced Open Championship Surbiton
10-11 July AC Advanced 2 – 10 Frank Rendall Trophy Guildford
13 July GC Level 7 and above Hurlingham
17-18 July AC Advanced COWhorn Compton
17 July AC Speed Doubles Surbiton
24-25 July AC Advanced Roehampton
29 July GC Level 2 and below Southwick
27-28 July AC Advanced Annual Tournament Southwick
30 July GC Level 3 and above Southwick
30 July – 1 August AC Advanced Championship of Surrey Surbiton
7 August GC Level 3 and above Guildford
7-12 August AC Various Annual Tournament Hurlingham
7-8 August GC Level GC London Masters Surbiton
13-15 August AC Advanced Hurlingham
14-15 August GC Level 0 and above Southwick
14-15 August AC Handicap Summer Handicap Woking
21-22 August GC Level 3 and above GC B-Level Tournament Hurlingham
30 August GC Handicap Doubles GC Handicap Doubles Hurlingham
29-30 August AC Advanced Honeygrove Cup Tunbridge Wells
2-5 September AC Advanced or Handicap The Challenge & Gilbey Southwick
3 September GC Handicap Woking
4-5 September AC Advanced 8 and below Woking
7-9 September AC Advanced Handicap 20 and below, age 60+ Midweek Veterans Hurlingham
11-12 September AC Handicap End of Season Roehampton
11-12 September GC Level Sussex Open Golf Croquet Championship (Hamilton Trophy) Southwick
18-19 September AC 14-point Advanced South of England Weekend Compton
18-19 September AC Advanced 9 and below Advanced Weekend Southwick
24-26 September AC Advanced South of England Championship Compton
25 September AC One Ball Handicap Hurlingham
25-26 September AC Advanced Handicap Ark Advanced Handicap Surbiton
17 October AC One Ball 20 and below Bob Stephens Hurlingham