Other Events

This page shows non-Championship tournaments organised by our clubs which are included the 2021 Croquet Association Fixtures Book. In addition to being open to the organising club’s members, these tournaments are generally open to all CA individual members.

Full details are shown in the online CA fixtures calendar

All events are Association Croquet ones unless they’re identified as Golf Croquet (GC).

DateTypeHandicap Range LimitationsEventLocation
2-3 AprilHandicapEaster Handicap – Llewellyn Williams UrnSurbiton
4-5 AprilAdvancedEaster Open – Robert Prichard TrophySurbiton
10-11 AprilAdvanced2 and belowPolhill Claret JugEaling
17-18 AprilAdvanced7 and belowSouthwick SalverSouthwick
22-23 AprilAdvanced0 and overLewis CupWoking
24-25 AprilAdvanced Handicap24 and belowCentenary Rose BowlWoking
30 AprilGC Level2 and belowSouthwick
1-2 MayGC LevelSurbiton OpenSurbiton
1 MayGC Level3 and aboveSouthwick
2 MayGC Level7 and aboveSouthwick
1-3 MayAdvanced12 and belowAC May Weekend Hurlingham
8-9 MayAdvancedGuildford & Godalming Open Challenge Cup Guildford
17-18 MayAdvanced1 – 8Maurice Reckitt Rose BowlSouthwick
22-23 MayAdvanced0 – 8Weekend B-levelSurbiton
22-29 MayACRoehampton
27 MayGC Level3 and aboveRoehampton
29-30 MayGC LevelRamsgate ChampionshipRamsgate
5 JuneGC Handicap Doubles7 and aboveGuildford
10 JuneGC Level7 and aboveRoehampton
12-13 JuneGC LevelRamsgate ChampionshipRamsgate
11-13 JuneAdvancedMidsummer OpenWoking
12-13 JuneHandicapSummer HandicapSurbiton
14 JuneGCSouthwick
14-15 JuneGC LevelWoking
16 JuneGC Level3 and aboveWoking
16 JuneGC Level7 and aboveEaling
17 JuneGC Level3 and aboveEaling
17 JuneGC Level7 and aboveWoking
18 June14–point AdvancedWoking
19 JuneGC HandicapPJ’s Pot Guildford
19-20 JuneGC Level0 and aboveWoking
19-20 JuneAdvanced or Handicap20 and belowSummer TournamentCompton
22-27 JuneGC LevelSouthwick
26 JuneGC Level7 and aboveGuildford
26 JuneGC Level7 and aboveGuildford
26-27 JuneAdvancedB-levelRoehampton
2-4 JulyAdvanced0 and aboveRamsgate
3-5 JulyAdvanced DoublesCA ChampionshipSurbiton
6-11 JulyAdvancedOpen ChampionshipSurbiton
10-11 JulyAdvanced2 – 10Frank Rendall Trophy Guildford
13 JulyGC Level7 and aboveHurlingham
17-18 JulyAdvancedCOWhornCompton
17 JulyAC Speed DoublesSurbiton
24-25 JulyAdvancedRoehampton
29 JulyGC Level2 and belowSouthwick
27-28 JulyAdvancedAnnual TournamentSouthwick
30 JulyGC Level3 and aboveSouthwick
30 July – 1 AugustAdvancedChampionship of SurreySurbiton
7 AugustGC Level3 and aboveGuildford
7-12 AugustAC variousAnnual TournamentHurlingham
7-8 AugustGC LevelGC London MastersSurbiton
13-15 AugustAdvanced Hurlingham
14-15 AugustGC Level0 and aboveSouthwick
14-15 AugustHandicapSummer HandicapWoking
21-22 AugustGC Level3 and aboveGC B-Level TournamentHurlingham
30 AugustGC Handicap DoublesGC Handicap DoublesHurlingham
29-30 AugustAdvancedHoneygrove CupTunbridge Wells
2-5 SeptemberAdvanced or HandicapThe Challenge & GilbeySouthwick
3 SeptemberGC HandicapWoking
4-5 SeptemberAdvanced8 and belowWoking
7-9 SeptemberAdvanced Handicap20 and below, age 60+Midweek VeteransHurlingham
11-12 SeptemberHandicapEnd of SeasonRoehampton
11-12 SeptemberGC LevelSussex Open Golf Croquet Championship (Hamilton Trophy)Southwick
18-19 September14-point AdvancedSouth of England WeekendCompton
18-19 SeptemberAdvanced9 and belowAdvanced WeekendSouthwick
24-26 SeptemberAdvancedSouth of England ChampionshipCompton
25 SeptemberOne Ball Handicap Hurlingham
25-26 SeptemberAdvanced HandicapArk Advanced HandicapSurbiton
17 OctoberOne Ball20 and belowBob StephensHurlingham