Surbiton wins our GC Ladies Day

One of the big events in the federation calendar was held at Southwick on 14th July. Not sure Bastille Day was of significance but……………………!

We were very fortunate with the weather and were pleased to welcome 12 teams of ladies with 4-6 players. A Bar-b-q lunch was available as were teas/coffees and afternoon cake. It was almost ‘back to the old days’ before Covid!

The format was the usual one devised by Bill Arliss who created and ran the original tournament. There were 6 rounds, randomly drawn, with 3 games per round. These made up the ‘match’ but individual wins were also recorded. There were 2 singles and one doubles in each ‘match’. All handicap play. Extra turns came into play of course!

There were many close games and indeed the whole competition was not decided until the last round.

The winners of the impressive trophy were Surbiton who won 5 ‘matches’ with 13 games won, and 2nd place went to Guildford who also won 5 ‘matches’ but had won only 11 games! A very good ending to the day. Reigate Priory were 3rd, Chichester 4th, Rottingdean 5th and Sussex 1 were 6th. The others I will not mention! Well done everyone and the spirit of the day was very friendly and it was fun! Just as it should be.

It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and to welcome some new ones. The GC Day is a great way to begin a competitive career.

One thing – clubs need to ensure their ‘high bisquers’ know how to use their ‘extra turns’ effectively! It is all part of the learning curve. I learned that we must have a klaxon for timings in future!

Many thanks to all who helped make it such a marvellous day – Linda Gavigan who assisted me in managing and kept people on the move and in order, Mike Oulton who was referee of the tournament, Jackie who assisted him when she was not playing, and of course Jonathan and Chrissy Isaacs who did all the catering. Thanks to Clive Hayton and Sandra Towner who helped get everything ready and of course the groundsman and his team who provide such excellent lawns.

Phew – over for this year. A klaxon for next year! Happy memories.

I hope the clubs will all return next season and hopefully will be joined by a couple more.

Frances Low

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