The Croquet Academy announces its Winter Programme

Exceptional Value

Winter Coaching Programme 2023/2024

The Croquet Academy are pleased to announce their latest Winter Coaching Programme on their world quality lawns at Southwick. Players wishing to book any of the courses can do so via the course entry page on the Croquet Academy website

The GC Programme features 2 x 1 day Workshops aimed at helping all participants improve their game. The workshops are suitable for players of all levels and can include video analysis, a swing trainer experience as well as a one to one clinic. To book on either date visit the Croquet Academy Website.

Dates: 4th October 2023

13th March 2024

Cost: £40 for a full day course

A Modular Short Croquet Course for Beginners – This will be our third year running this successful course which introduces participants to Association Croquet playing on half sized lawns. The modular format has proven to be highly successful as it allows the participants to learn this exciting variant of croquet in bite sized pieces. The course cost covers all four modules.

Dates: 14th & 20th October 2023

22nd Feb & 1st March 2024

Cost: £50 for the 4 modules plus. (This equates to £12.50 per 4 hour module)

A Modular Association Croquet Improvers Course – This course takes participants with a limited experience in Association Croquet and aims to develop their skills to enable them to enter high bisque tournaments. It is suitable for any AC player with a handicap of 18 or more and people who have attended the Short Croquet Course. This modular course spread over 4 sessions is conducted on full size lawns. The course cost covers all four one day modules.

Dates: 6th & 25th October 2023

14th Feb & 13th March 2024

Cost: £50 for the 4 modules. (this equates to £12.50 per 4 hour module)

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