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Welcome back to the Croquet Academy

Welcome back! The Croquet Academy is now in full swing and ready to get everything going again after such a long break due to government lockdown. All safety precautions are in place and in...

World Croquet Federation Working Groups

The Deputy Secretary-General of the WCF has announced that the WCF has a number of groups working on four current key initiatives: Global Handicap System Global Player and Game Database Advantage GC Online Referee...

GC Rules Webinar

Follow this link to watch the recording of the webinar.

Our Leagues and Tournaments

We’re pleased to announce that all our Leagues and Tournaments will operate as normal this year, although there may be some small adjustments to conform to the Croquet Association’s Covid-19 Guidelines. In particular the...

Welcome to Hove Beach

Hove Beach joins us as a new member club. Obviously they’re on the seafront, sharing lawns with a Bowls Club, and have two non-full size courts.

SECF 2021 League Matches announced

We’re restarting our leagues, after a year in abeyance, now that Covid-19 restrictions allow for matches to take place (assuming the dates for relaxation are met and therefore players are able to travel). The...

New SECF website

Today we successfully completed the migration of our website from a roll-your-own approach to a WordPress based solution and a different ISP, which should allow us to develop the SECF in future more easily....


Following the new Government lockdown all outdoor sports locations are to close.