New SECF website

Today we successfully completed the migration of our website from a roll-your-own approach to a WordPress based solution and a different ISP, which should allow us to develop the SECF in future more easily.

You will notice that the appearance has changed a bit, with a nice picture at the top, dates of our own forthcoming events and recent news items on each page. Other things are:

  • The menu system has changed a bit
  • We’re now consolidating news from many clubs who provide an RSS news feed in the South East on to a single page (
  • League results submission is a little simpler
  • We’ve added a brief bit about croquet for the sake of completeness and to help newcomers
  • Many minor bits and bobs
  • Oh, you’ll see that in the title bar the pages are labelled You can use this or just stick with the shorter!

But in general there’s much that hasn’t changed, so you should be familiar with how it all works.

Please note that if you’ve bookmarked any pages that they won’t work anymore – all the URLs have changed (sorry, they were a relic of the original development many years ago).

Jon Diamond

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