SECF Ladies AC Day

The annual teams Ladies AC day was held in glorious weather at Southwick on 14th June. 6 teams took part and enjoyed the competitive but friendly croquet!

The format this year was 4 rounds with each round consisting of 4 Short Croquet singles, and one full court handicap doubles. The first time we have tried Short Croquet on Ladies Day. I think it speaks for itself in that many matches finished, the winners having pegged out. Lovely to see some low handicap ladies playing, and showing their class in this shorter version of the game.

Beginners were welcome, and they played well. I hope they gained from the experience and will continue learning AC.

The winners after the 4 rounds were Sussex, with Deborah Marcus and Pam Gooders playing very well. Runners up were the SECF team, captained by Robyn Clark.

Thanks to the other team captains Isobel George, Carol Collins, Carol Driver and Katharine Minchen. Thanks to Steve Chapman for sorting out the short courts. Thanks to Chrissie Merrington for an amazing set of photos! A special thanks to Caroline Barnard for subbing where needed.

Frances Low (Manager)

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