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As the 2022 Croquet Season gets underway we wanted to bring you the very latest  information about what is happening in the South East.
This includes up to date information about the GC World Championships, the news that Sussex County CC now has a shop selling croquet equipment, the search for a new representative on the Croquet Association Council and details of tournaments across the area over the next couple of months.
WCF GC World Championship returns to Southwick

3 years ago the croquet community witnessed a stunning spectacle of Golf Croquet on the refurbished lawns at Southwick, when Ben Rothman (US) won the WCF GC World Championship.At the closing ceremony in 2019 the WCF flag was handed over to New Zealand as the next hosts. Little did we know what was coming round the corner with the pandemic.

New Zealand was in total lockdown and by the second half of 2021 it was becoming apparent that New Zealand felt that were unable to host the Championship.

The WCF (World Croquet Federation) considered their options and approached Southwick to see if they would be prepared to host the championship again. Southwick agreed and an organising committee was quickly formed to get the show on the road.

Plans for the 2022 Championship

The Qualifier will be held at Compton Croquet Club in Eastbourne, East Sussex from Monday 25th – Thursday 28th July 2022.

The main event will be held at Sussex County Croquet Club, Southwick between Saturday 30th July & Sunday 7th August 2022 with an opening ceremony on Friday 29th July.

This time the main event will be held at one location allowing for an event capacity of 64 players. There will be 8 blocks of 8 players and the top 4 players from each block will qualify for the knockout stage which will start on Thursday 4th August.

Come and watch the Championship!

Southwick have excellent facilities to watch this event and visitors will be very welcome. The entry fee will be £10 per day including a programme or £25 for a season ticket covering the whole period from Friday 29th July – Sunday 7th August.

The club has a fully licenced bar. Food and snacks will also be available including a barbeque. There will be an Exhibitor Marquee where various items of croquet equipment will be available for sale including new and second hand mallets and World Championship merchandise including shirts and caps.

At the 2019 Championship some visiting clubs organised mini buses – a great option to consider especially if you want to enjoy the odd drink.

Southwick launch its own Croquet Shop

Sussex County Croquet Club, (Southwick) have always sold items of clothing, croquet books through the Academy and accessories such as divot repairers and markers.

Recently there has been an increased demand for second hand mallets. To meet this demand the club has introduced a second hand mallet “Mart”.

All proceeds from the shop are ploughed back into the club. A number of players have donated mallets and others we are starting to sell on their behalf with the club taking a commission on the sale.

If croquet players in the Federation are interested in purchasing a mallet or have a mallet that is no longer required please contact

The club has a shop section on its website  at

In addition to mallets they have a virtually unused Longworth Garden Croquet set in stock as well as sets of 8 clips (primary and secondary) made by an enterprising member using 3D printing. These sets are available at £16 per full set of 8 clips.

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